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Ringseisstrasse 6 A
         D-80337 MÜNCHEN
       T 0049 (0)151 6121 50 50


Welcome to my website!

My name is Cornelia Henze, I am a jewellery and object designer and I am pleased to show you my artistic world.

I would like to convey to you a lifestyle of mundanity, elegance, aesthetics and sensual pleasure. Especially for you, as a style-conscious and authentic person who wants to live her individuality and express it in beautiful things.

In my creations I convey a sense of value, tradition and history. This is reflected in the precious materials of bronze, silver, shimmering pearls and sparkling diamonds, which I interpret in new forms. The jewellery and objects are individually handcrafted both in my own workshop and in fruitful collaboration with local artisans.

Born and raised in Italy (in Campione d'Italia on the shores of Lake Lugano), to German parents who are art historians and art dealers, I came into contact with art, Italian culture and the southern savoir vivre at a very early age. All these stored sensory experiences take shape and form in my work.

I graduated in art history and modern history. After a few years in the art trade, my own creativity came more and more to the fore and into the realm of being. I learned the craft from a local goldsmith and integrate innovations and new techniques into my objects day by day.

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