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"DIAMANTINI Collection - Silver begins to glitter

Although the first diamonds are said to have been found in India as early as the 4th millennium B.C., this mineral was known and appreciated solely because of its extraordinary hardness. It was therefore attributed magical powers, used as a talisman and finally as a tool, before it began to be cut in the 14th century and it was not until around 1910 that - astonishingly - the typical diamond cut of today was developed, i.e. the sparkle and glitter were fully extracted from it. Here, too, it was only the persistent working by man that was able to achieve the jewellery effect of this raw material. With the hardest of all, this took the longest, but with the most fascinating and beguiling result.

In the Diamantini collection, the diamond glitters in the brilliance of the silver. CORNELIA HENZE adds - very discreetly - the jewellery material of the highest desire to the silver collection, small diamonds of 0.04 to 0.1 carat. Irregularly distributed, these are set into the silver rods she has shaped and sparkle over the shine of the white silver in finger and earrings."


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