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Pearls Headband ELIZA

Pearls Headband ELIZA


Headband made of black velvet with cultured freshwater pearls.


An absolute eye-catcher with a turtleneck top, a denim shirt, an airy summer dress and any evening wear!

Hair ornaments were extremely popular from antiquity to the 1930s. It served less to hold the hair together. Rather, it was a valued jewelry accessory. The headband ELIZA ties in here and elegantly adorns every hairstyle. Its glamorous appearance goes well with a half or updo, ponytail and more.


Pearls: 9 x 10 mm

Headband: 4 x 15 x 14 cm






Pearls, silver and bronze are a natural product. Please ensure that you do not spray them with perfume and do not allow them to come into contact with other cosmetic products. Periodically rub the pearls with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Please remove your jewelry before contact with water and salt water and during sporting activities.
Silver can easily oxidize in air. Please make sure to clean the pieces of jewelry regularly with a silver cloth and keep your valuables carefully in your jewelry bag.

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