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Silver Ring ZOTA

Silver Ring ZOTA


Hand-forged ring made from sterling silver


Each piece is unique in the execution.


Ring ZOTA decorates the entire surface of the hand nobly and gracefully and is worn on the middle or ring finger. Thanks to its gently curved shape, which is aligned with the back of the hand, it is by no means an obstacle to the wearer. Rather, it creates a radiant, pleasant and playful resistance.


Measurements: approx. 7,5 x 2,5 x 1 cm


Slightly adjustable through careful bending.





Pearls, Stones, Silver and Bronze are natural products. Please avoid spraying them with perfume and minimise contact with other cosmetics. Clean the pearls regularly with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Remove jewelry before sport, taking a bath, showering or cleaning.

Silver can tarnish over time, so please clean your jewelry regularly with a silver cloth.

Store your precious items carefully in your jewelry bag.

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