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"PEARL Collection - Absolute beauty created by nature.

The pearl is unique. Alone it adorns without human intervention, natural-born of silvery-velvety shining beauty in surface and form from the shell, each one a Venus by Botticelli.

Like all things in the entire universe, it owes its creation to a tiny imperfection. One such in the shell's mantle tissue finds its way to supreme perfection in form, colour and lustre. The pure sphere or the pure ellipsoid are considered its perfect form, but in irregular form as a baroque pearl it unfolds a beauty full of character. Its colour knows all shades between black and white, sometimes with a pink or green shimmer, just in the velvety shine of its surface, which constitutes its whole fascination.

A combination of inner glow and outer shine, soft and gentle in the tone of hard and smooth matter, an ever new fascinating wonder that inspires CORNELIA HENZE to ever new combinations of single-bead rings or earrings and single-row bracelets or necklaces to multi-row possibilities of great splendour. She thus continues what is now eight thousand years of man's reverent admiration for the beauty of the pearl."


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