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The “Making-of ORGANICA”

The "ORGANICA" collection by CORNELIA HENZE, inspired by naturals forms, is made of bronze using the lost wax technique. CORNELIA HENZE re-shapes and individually models the wax for each piece. A traditional, long-established Munich foundry surrounds the wax mould with an embedding compound and then melts it at a high temperature. The liquid metal is then poured into the resulting negative hollow mould. Once the metal has solidified, the embedding compound is removed and the raw casting appears. Its surface is sandblasted, polished and then individually treated again by CORNELIA HENZE. Each object is therefore unique in form and surface treatment with its own visible signature.

ORGANICA Collection

"ORGANICA Collection - a world of forms develops from a bud.

Once involved with bronze casting for her jewellery collections, it was almost a matter of course for CORNELIA HENZE to use this technique to create not only jewellery but also objects of art, objects of everyday use. This is how the ORGANICA collection came about:

Biomorphic structures organically develop, unfold, overlap and tangle one form from another into broad, flat bowls or cups. They grow on leafy tripods into slender, upwardly twisted columns that - at different heights - widen at the top to form petal calyxes from which the arum stick of a burning candle protrudes.

Or the twisting column trunks soon form leaf and branch attachments at the top, which can unfold into a two- or even three-armed candelabra.

Table objects of high poetry and biomorphic lightness, yet cast in iron for eternity.

Where will the bioformations, initially waxy in their origins, develop further?

Trusting in Cornelia's stylistic confidence, her friends can be curious."



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