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I design and create design objects made of cast bronze and
jewellery made of bronze, silver, pearls and diamonds
for people and their living space ".
Cornelia Henze

"ORGANICA Collection - a world of forms develops from a bud

Once involved with bronze casting for her jewellery collections, it was almost a matter of course for CORNELIA HENZE to use this technique to create not only jewellery but also objects of art, objects of everyday use. This is how the ORGANICA collection came about: ...


"DIAMANTINI Collection - Silver begins to glitter

Although the first diamonds are said to have been found in India as early as the 4th millennium B.C., this mineral has been known and appreciated ever since solely because of its extraordinary hardness, which is why people attributed magical powers to it, used it as a talisman and finally as a tool before it began to be cut from the 14th century onwards and ... "

"BRONZE Collection - The most traditional jewellery completely rediscovered.

The semi-precious metal bronze is not a natural product but a man-made alloy (mixture) of the two semi-precious metals copper and tin. It gave its name to an entire human era, the Bronze Age. Since the beginning of its production in the 3rd millennium BC, it has also been used for art objects and jewellery, especially as bronze casting. ... "

"SILVER Collection - The Brightest and Shiniest Metal

Silver is pure brilliance, nothing shines more and brighter. It is only through man's working that these qualities become visible. For seven millennia, he has mastered the extraction of silver. It is the "whitest" of all metals and has the highest light-reflecting properties, i.e. it is the most lustrous precious metal, so that in ancient times hand mirrors were made of solid silver. ... "

Pearl Collection

"PEARL Collection - Absolute beauty created by nature.

The pearl is unique. Alone it adorns without human intervention, natural-born of silvery-velvety shining beauty in surface and form from the shell, each one a Venus by Botticelli. ... "

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